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The international website of NTZ Lab Ltd. and the information contained in this website, without limitation, in text, images, graphics, is for informational and contact purposes only and is owned by NTZ Lab Ltd.. This international website and the content provided in this website may not be used in any context and way without prior explicit written permission/consent by NTZ Lab Ltd. and every permitted copy must be referred to the NTZ Lab Ltd. copyright. Any further reproduction, representation, retransmission or other similar to them kind of use is strictly forbidden. Permission to use/reproduce any copy/information included or implied on this international website should be requested by filling out the contact form.


NTZ Lab ® is a registered trademark. The NTZ Lab Ltd. trademark logo and may not be used or reproduced without our prior written permission/consent. Only NTZ Lab Ltd. and its authorized partners and licensees may use the NTZ Lab logo in advertising, promotional, and sales materials. Such authorized parties may use the NTZ Lab logo only as defined in their agreement with NTZ Lab Ltd.. All names/abbreviations of final compounds/substances/intermediates referred to on this website, except for those which are indicated as licensed to other companies by an explicit written permission/consent or licence obtained from NTZ Lab Ltd., are created, generated and patented by NTZ Lab Ltd. and all rights are reserved. Please consider the following information:

Product names and abbreviations

All final compounds/substances/intermediates or any organic or inorganic chemical (herein before referred to as products) associated with NTZ Lab´s trademark logo and/or research and development program, except as specifically noted herein, are accurately labelled, enumerated or designated by NTZ Lab with the abbreviation “NTZ” following by a number (e.g., NTZ-XXXX(XX) where X is a number). Only NTZ Lab Ltd. and its authorized partners and licensees may use the NTZ product/compound/substance names and abbreviations in advertising, promotional, and sales materials except as otherwise agreed by an explicit written permission/consent or licence obtained from NTZ Lab Ltd..


If you are a developer, researcher or scientist, you may show an image, a picture or structure of a NTZ Lab compound/substance/intermediate in your advertising, promotional or scientific materials (e.g., publications, abstracts, posters, reports) to depict that your product/compound/substance/intermediate is similar or derived with/from, or otherwise have similar properties/characteristics with, the NTZ Lab Ltd. compound/substance or intermediate or virtually screened compound/substance/intermediate, provided you according to the following requirements:

(i) Your product/compound/substance/intermediate is in fact with similar (bio)activities, structural, physicochemical properties etc. with, or otherwise acts as, the referenced NTZ Lab Ltd. compound/substance/intermediate;

(ii) The image/picture/structure is presented correctly and accurately of the proper NTZ Lab product/compound/substance/intermediate, published, presented and not an artist´s rendering. You must obtain an explicit written permission/consent from NTZ Lab Ltd. before using any images, pictures or structures owned by NTZ Lab Ltd. copyrights, author rights, patent applications filled;

(iii) NTZ Lab compound/substance/intermediate is shown only in the best light, in a manner or context that correspond favourably and accurately to our research and development process or program;

(iv) The reference to NTZ Lab Ltd. does not create a sense of a false association with NTZ Lab Ltd. or NTZ Lab Ltd. compound/substance/intermediate.

NTZ Lab patent licensing process

Interested commercial or non-commercial third parties or prospective cooperation partners may use the NTZ Lab Ltd. contact form in order to be evaluated within our patent licensing process, if these are interested on using of one of the NTZ Lab Ltd. patents or patent applications filled for further research and development, commercial proposals (e.g., producers, manufacturer and/or suppliers) or any other commercial benefits not mentioned herein. These conditions are used also for non-commercial, e.g. academic or other research institutions, with research interests except as otherwise agreed by an explicit written permission/consent or licence obtained from NTZ Lab Ltd.. Therefore, using of a patent or any research and development information or data owned by NTZ Lab Ltd. without explicit written permission/consent obtained from NTZ Lab Ltd. is strictly forbidden. Cooperation partners or evaluated third parties muss be approve additional confidential agreement in written form. For further information with respect to NTZ Lab Ltd. intellectual property rights and/or cooperation possibilities submit your request.

Data privacy protection

Protecting the privacy of your personal data is very important to NTZ Lab Ltd.. NTZ Lab Ltd. guarantees that all data will be treated with strict confidentiality in accordance with applicable rules on data privacy protection. On account of this, please take into consideration the following information:

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You may visit this website anonymously without providing any personal information. We may collect your personally identifiable information (e.g., name, e-mail address or other identifying information) only when you voluntarily choose to submit it to us (e.g., by email). Therefore, you hereby agree to NTZ Lab Ltd. storing and processing your personal data in the manner hereinafter mentioned. We also may use personal information/data that you provide to us to respond to your question or inquiry, to establish, negotiate or getting in contact with you or provide you specific or other requested information. We do not share any of your personal information/data with third parties for their own marketing purpose without your permission except as may be required by law or the competent governmental or juridical authorities.

Legal statement and private policy of third party websites

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